CGEM Partners Program

Refer Clients. Get Paid. Earn up to $15 per lead.




CGEM LLC offers one of the most impressive lead programs in entertainment. Do you know someone with talent? A small business that needs branding?  A individual looking to make their first big step in the industry? We’re here to help them and pay YOU.


Frequently Asked Question

What is considered a successful lead?

  • A successful lead is considered when a customer or talent successfully completes and initiates a transaction and/or contract with CGEM, LLC.

How much do you pay out for Talent Referrals?

  • As of 18 April 2016, Talent referrals are currently set at $15 per successful lead.

How much do you pay out for Brand Referrals?

  • As of 18 April 2016, Brand referrals are currently set at $7per successful lead.

How do I submit a potential lead?

  • To submit a lead, please email us directly at with the subject “Partners – Lead Name”. Please indicate your full name, contact number, and the type of referral (Brand/Talent). We will contact you within 24-48 business hours to discuss your referral.