About CGEM


Found: 2010
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Services: Talent Management, Brand Management, Career Coaching, Consultations

Welcome to Christopher Giovanni Enterprises and Management, LLC. (CGEM, LLC) — A Full-Service Entertainment and Branding Conglomerate in Los Angeles. CGEM has grown over the years becoming a dominant and well-respected firm in the Entertainment Industry. The foundation of CGEM lies strongly within the amazing clients we represent on a daily basis.

Our current brands include: CGEM Talent Management (Entertainment Talent Management), CGEM Casting (Casting and Workshop Services), CGEM Brands (Brand Management and Licensing), and CGEM Productions (Pitching and Production.)

We understand your vision, and have the tools to efficiently make it into a reality. Some of the many services we provide include: Talent Management, Brand Licensing, Development, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Advertising Marketing, Photography, and a host of other amenities. Our company has a strong commitment to our clients and personally believes that everyone has a chance of becoming the next big star.